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signs your ex is pretending to be over you



We live in a world full of love and hate. While it is wonderful to be in love and in a secure relationship, it breaks the heart when you realize that your partner no longer loves you.

You keep thinking of those beautiful initial years when you both were madly in love with each other. The amazing moments you spent in each other’s arms are quite hurting to think of after your breakup.

signs your ex is pretending to be over you


Everyone wishes that this kind of love and security goes on forever in their lives. But, sometimes, circumstances change and unknowingly or knowingly one partner drifts out of love. They may have found someone else, they may be too busy in their own lives or they may have simply stopped loving you.

But if suddenly, you bump into him again, or find something amusing from him, you cannot help but think if he or she still loves you or is not over you. The signs your ex is pretending to be over you are quite tricky to read and comprehend.

This could be very confusing for you to come to a conclusion and so we have some surefire signs he is not over you as yet, mentioned-below.  If you have experienced all these signs in your partner then maybe you need to think about your future together again. You can also talk to him one last time to sort out things.

When Your Ex Realizes He/She Wants You Back

To see signs your ex misses you might take some time. Especially, if your break up has been really bad and ugly, your ex might take months to start giving you those tell-tale signs again. It is not easy to get over someone when you truly love them.

Anger, jealousy, or frustration might momentarily make you fight with your beloved or even break up. When your mind cools down, the earlier feelings of love resurface. It is at this time, that your ex might try to reach out to you again.

If your ex has realized that he/she still loves you and wants you back, they will try to get you back in a very subtle way. They will rarely approach you out of the blue one fine day and ask you to come back. The tell-tale signs are obvious.

They will first try to bring in your name when conversing with mutual friends. They might also try to get information on your whereabouts, cross your paths, check your social media profiles, and may even text you.

These signs need not necessarily mean that your ex is pretending to be over you. They might just want to be friends with you after your breakup or just want to know about your whereabouts out of curiosity. But, if you are wondering ‘Does your ex still love me?’, or ‘does my ex want me back?’, you can check for these obvious signs mentioned below.

Whether you respond to these signs is totally up to you. If you have been missing your ex too and if you want to give your relationship another chance, then these signs are a positive sign.

Obvious Signs

  • He Tries To Contact You For Silly Reasons

It is good to be friends after a breakup. Even if you and your partner are not emotionally involved anymore, you could still be friends. But when your ex texts you or tries to meet you for no major reasons, it could mean that he is looking for reasons to stay close to you.

It could mean that he is trying to protect you from something, ensure that you are safe, or also mean that he still loves you.

How you respond to such contacts is totally up to you. But if you see a few instances where your ex tries to contact you, then it could mean that he is not over you as yet.

  • He Tells You That He Wants To Still Be Your Friend

After an ugly or cordial breakup, it takes months for partners to start speaking normally again. This happens more in cases where broken up exes are co-parenting a child or they are in a project together. But if your ex contacts you and tells you that he still wants to be your friend, then it means that he is not ready to cope with the loss.

If he always seems to be available for you, then it means that he wants you back into his life but is finding it hard to put it in words or he also needs some time to process this emotion.

  • He Has Extreme Emotions For You

You might find this weird, but if your ex shows that he is extremely angry at you, it could mean just the opposite. If your ex has gotten over you, then the obvious reaction would be genuine indifference. But if your ex is going about telling everyone how bad you are or behaves angrily in your presence, it could mean that he still loves you a lot.

The same goes for extreme happiness. If you find your ex being genuinely happy for your achievements after the breakup, it could mean that he still has feelings for you. These are signs that he might come back after breakup also.

  • He Keeps Justifying The Breakup Reason

If your ex was the one to break up with you, then the obvious reaction later would be a genuine sorry and then no regrets. He would have moved on happily after making his peace with you once or twice.

But if your ex keeps explaining the reason for the breakup or keeps texting or calling you to explain why he broke up, then it is a sign that he is not over you.

Perhaps, he wants you to tell him to come back to him. Perhaps, his ego is not allowing him to be direct and hence he is just beating around the bush.

signs your ex is pretending to be over you


  • He Brags To You About His Accomplishments After The Breakup

Does your ex keep calling to tell you about his new goal at the gym or his new job? Does he text you often to tell you how well he performed in his tests? An ex would not bother to update you on his life after a breakup.

He would do so only if he wants to make you jealous or if he wants you back in his life. If he still wants to share his happiness with you, it could mean that he still loves you.

  • He Always Postpones Coming And Collecting His Stuff From Your Place

Your ex may have stormed out of your house in anger after your breakup. But later, when you call or text him to come and collect his stuff, does he ignore or delay? Why would he not want to get his things back? Does he want to come back to you? Does he still love you? This is an obvious sign that he does not plan to leave you for long and hence intends to keep his stuff at your place.

  • His Friends Or Family Try To Convince You To Talk To Him

This is the most obvious sign that your ex still loves you. If his clan comes and tries to convince you subtly to talk to him, then perhaps he has been sending them. Either his ego is stopping him from talking to you directly or he is scared of your reaction. This is an obvious sign that your ex is pretending to be over you.

  • He is Moving On A Lot Or Not Moving On At All

Both the cases show that your ex is still not over you. If he has been changing girlfriends like clothes, then definitely, he is not finding anyone as interesting as you. Perhaps, he is also doing so just to make you jealous.

On the other hand, if you still find your ex alone and not moving on with someone else in life, then he wants you back into his life.

  • He Stalks You On Social Media

Social media today is a great tool to know about someone’s whereabouts. If your ex is always trying to stalk you on your social media profiles, then he wants to know whether you have a new boyfriend or just to gather information about your life. It is a definite sign that he still is interested in your life.


How To Respond

If you also love your ex and want him back into your life, then these obvious signs should be good news. You can either choose to have a direct heart-to-heart talk with him. If you want him to come and say sorry, then perhaps you can just play along with him for some time to see to what extent he would go to get you back.

signs your ex is pretending to be over you




Everyone deserves a fair second chance. If you have noticed these signs that your ex is pretending to be over you, then take action before it is too late. You might regret it later for the rest of your life if you do not acknowledge or reciprocate to his actions.

If you do not want him in your life for sure, then you can just choose to ignore these signs until he gets your message or tells him directly. The choice is yours!

Did you also notice some tell-tale signs when your ex wanted you back? Be sure to leave us a message in our comment section to tell us what other signs one should look for in this case.

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