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A great relationship between a man and a woman encompasses all aspects of life, especially when it comes to sex. Exchanging naughty words of love and affection can deepen their bond for each other. These 100+ naughty quotes for the man in your life will surely steam up the bedroom and make your love stronger and happier.


Naughty Quotes for Him

A girl who can speak her mind and tell a man exactly what she wants is a big turn-on. A man, hearing these naughty quotes from his woman, is certainly sure to cement his loyalty to the one he loves.

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bruce mars


  1. I need a big, hot, steaming cup of you this morning!
  2. Your pants, they bother me. Take them off!
  3. I don’t need to flirt. I will seduce you with my awkwardness.
  4. Your face would look better between my legs.
  5. I’m in my bed, you’re in your bed. One of us is in the wrong place.
  6. I swear to God I won’t stop until you’re shaking.
  7. You can stay but your clothes must go.
  8. Nice pants. Can I test the zipper?
  9. I hope your day is as nice as your butt.
  10. Tease me until I’m begging for it!
  11. I love the way you explore my body.
  12. When you kiss me, I don’t feel butterflies. I feel the whole zoo.

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Roberto Nickson


  1. Life is always a little more fun when you’re a little naughtier.
  2. Mondays are always more fun when you get an orgasm or two.
  3. Your orgasm face is gorgeous.
  4. Your clothes would look nice on my bedroom floor.
  5. Thinking about you. Lovely dirty thoughts.
  6. A naked pillow fight? Yes, please!
  7. You make me want to drop the modest act.
  8. 3 ways to stress less: 1. Have sex. 2. Then do it again. 3. And again.
  9. Pull up to my bumper baby in your long black limousine. Pull up to my bumper baby and drive it in between.


Naughty Good Morning Quotes for Him

Finding ways to greet your man a very good morning makes a woman very special to him. These naughty good morning quotes will make your man look forward to a day full of love, affection, devotion, and of course, sex!

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 Orione Conceição


  1. Good morning. Let’s be naughty today.
  2. You always turn me on.
  3. My immediate instinct when I wake up in the morning is to touch you.
  4. Good morning sexy! Want an orgasm?
  5. A great life is when you laugh a lot, smile often, love a lot and fuck a lot.
  6. It’s not that I’m horny all the time. It’s just that you’re always fucking sexy.
  7. The art of seduction is knowing what she really wants and slowly giving it to her in a way that takes her breath away.
  8. A list of reasons why I love you: 1. You make me smile. A lot. 2. You have a great butt.
  9. A real woman is her man’s personal porn star.
  10. A little bit of naughty can make an ordinary day a lot more fun.
  11. I don’t know the question, but sex is definitely the answer.

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Rodolfo Clix


  1. Arousing you arouses me.
  2. Lick me and I’ll lick you back. I promise.
  3. My tongue can do a better job of teasing you than my words can.
  4. If you could read my mind, I’m pretty sure you’ll be traumatized, sexually aroused or both.
  5. I love it when I can see how much you want to put it inside me.
  6. When you find someone who always wants to go for round 2.. And 3..
  7. I love it when your dick hardens in my mouth.
  8. Masturbation is more fun when you do it in front of each other.
  9. Good sex is like a good bridge. If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand.
  10. Eye contact is sexy. So look me in the eyes when we fuck.


Naughty Love Quotes for Him

Expressing your love, while at the same time, arousing your man is a foolproof recipe for relationship success. These naughty love quotes for him, beyond any doubt, are the perfect ingredients to spice up your life in the bedroom.

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Daria Shevtsova


  1. All I really want is someone with a good heart and a dirty mind.
  2. Be naked when I come home.
  3. The way you touch, tease and look at me drives me crazy.
  4. Sunday is Funday when you get to spend it in bed… With the one you love. Doing all kinds of naughty things.
  5. Let’s make out, have sex, cuddle and have a deep talk. Then let’s have sex again, go out to eat, then go back home, watch a movie and have sex again.
  6. Being desired by you is all I want.
  7. The best way to apologize is to give your partner an amazing orgasm.
  8. I just want you to be happy. And naked.
  9. Having a dirty mind makes ordinary conversations much more interesting.

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  1. Couple goals: Make each other cum and make each other smile. Often and a lot.
  2. Be gentle with me. Be sweet and kind, oh hell! Who am I kidding? Flip me over, ride my ass and pull my hair!
  3. I want to kiss every inch of your body.
  4. All I want is someone to love, to fuck and to be happy with. That’s it.
  5. I want to capture you, like this, and freeze it forever.
  6. One kiss burns six calories. We should work out together.
  7. Life is always a little more fun when you’re a little naughtier.
  8. You’re beautiful, sexy, and intelligent. Your butt’s pretty nice too.
  9. Push me up against the wall and do dirty things to me.
  10. Kissing eliminates stress and reduces blood pressure, so let’s get healthy.
  11. Get your cute butt over here and give me a hug
  12. The best feeling in the world is kissing someone for the first time when you’ve really wanted to kiss them for a long time.


Naughty Love Quotes for My Boyfriend

Your boyfriend works hard and plays hard every day. Make him feel loved and desired with these naughty love quotes crafted for your mutual pleasure.

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Rodolfo Clix


  1. Life is not just about love and sex, but love and sex make life a lot more fun.
  2. I love the way you fuck me.
  3. Once is not enough.
  4. Excuse me for being too forward but your lips make me wonder what the rest of you would taste like.
  5. I think the first orgasm should only count as a warm-up. After that, it’s time for the real workout.
  6. Don’t keep calm. Rip my clothes off, spin me around, grab my hair and fuck me…
  7. Your lips. I could kiss your sexy lips for hours.
  8. I love it when you fuck me really hard, and at the same time make me feel really loved.
  9. Couple goals? A ton of sexy kisses, warm hugs, naughty ass grabs, and insane orgasms.

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 Pedro Figueras


  1. I want to taste me on your fingers.
  2. Weekend mood: Orgasms. A lot of orgasms.
  3. It’s Saturday and the only thing I wanna do is lay in bed and kiss you all over.
  4. Just so you know.. I like sex. A lot. So if you’re with me… You better be prepared to fuck. A lot.
  5. To be a good lover you must prioritize the satisfaction of your partner.
  6. When you finally find someone who loves sex just as much as you do.
  7. I love the way you slide your fingers inside of me…
  8. A morning orgasm makes my whole day.
  9. My handsome partner… You are the one I love and the one I want to fuck for the rest of my life.
  10. Your love makes me happy. And I fucking love the orgasms you give me.
  11. I love taking a shower. Especially with you.
  12. I won’t say it twice. Strip down and get on your knees. Right now!


Naughty Girl Quotes for Him

Sometimes showing your man your naughty side may be just what the doctor ordered especially if he is feeling a little neglected. Show him you love him, express your innermost desires to him, and make him the center of your world with these naughty girl quotes.

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Valeria Boltneva


  1. Nothing wrong with a good girl having a naughty side.
  2. I absolutely love hearing all your happy little moans.
  3. All I can think of is you. The way you make my heart smile and the way you make my pussy wet.
  4. Love, sex and handcuffs.
  5. When you stroke my hair. When you kiss my lips. When you fuck me hard.
  6. Get your ass in my bed.
  7. Tease me until I’m begging for it.
  8. All I want is someone to love, to fuck and to be happy with. That’s it.
  9. I love when you fuck me in every position that I like.
  10. Fuck me hard. Love me harder. And make me smile as often as you can.
  11. Take my panties off, shove them in my mouth and fuck me hard.
  12. When you look at me and give me the “fuck me” eyes.

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  1. I swear to you, I won’t stop until your legs are shaking and the neighbors know my name.
  2. I want to feel your scent, taste, and skin tonight and each night we are together.
  3. I love everything about you. The only thing, which bothers me, is your clothes. Take it off.
  4. I am crazy about you! You are in my heart, in my soul and in my inappropriate thoughts.
  5. I get horny each time I see your beautiful eyes, seducing lips, and an amazing body.
  6. I love the way you explore my body using your hands and the way you call me your girl.
  7. If you kiss my neck, I’m not responsible for what happens next.
  8. Let’s misbehave.
  9. Be happy. Be honest. Be romantic. Be silly. Be wild. Be lovable. Be kinky. Be YOU.

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A loving relationship between a man and a woman involves being able to pleasure each other in bed. Spicing things up with words that express your wants and desires will bring your union to a level that can certainly last a lifetime.

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