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Ways to Say YES


Yes! Such a simple word, but have you ever wondered if other terms you can use to say it? It can’t be just yes all the time, right? Just as how other words have related terms, there are also other words you can use to say yes and definitely other ways to agree beside it!

We have outlined some creative and funny ways to say yes to make sure that you will have a variety in saying it.

Ready? Yes!


Funny Ways to Say Yes

Thinking of funny ways to say yes? Look no further! We have a list of funny related words to say yes and agree. You’d never imagine it could be said in these ways!

  1. Say no more!
  2. What are we waiting for? Let’s close the deal!
  3. Sounds like a plan
  4. Thought you’d never ask!
  5. Give me a ‘y.’ give me an ‘e.’ give me an ‘s.’ give me a ‘y-e-s!’
  6. Just be sure to pay me back later.
  7. Roger that!
  8. You get my vote.
  9. Aye aye captain
  10. I love you, so yeah.Ways to Say YES
  11. You bet
  12. Hallelujah!
  13. Sounds good
  14. Yes, yes, and yes!
  15. Yo man
  16. There’s a chance that I might regret this, but—you—let’s do it!
  17. Let me check my schedule first. Oh, I’m available.
  18. Who put you up to this? Tell me!
  19. Life’s too short to be saying no.
  20. Well then, what are we waiting for?
  21. Deal with it
  22. It would take a whole army to keep me from saying yes
  23. Why that’s the nicest offer I’ve had all day!
  24. If there’s a reward, I’m in!
  25. Uh-huh
  26. I want to have your babies.
  27. Here we go
  28. If I say yes, will you give me a million bucks?
  29. Let’s say I agreed to this. But, can I still change my mind later?
  30. I’m here to the rescue!
  31. As long as I’m alive.Ways to Say YES
  32. You’re not giving me that much of a choice, huh?
  33. Have you forgotten? I’m a yes-man!
  34. You should know my answer by the way I’m nodding my head up and down.
  35. No doubt
  36. Cool
  37. I’ll even kiss you!
  38. Hell, you bet-cha, matey!
  39. Take off your clothes because you’ve hit the spot!
  40. Probably yes, but I’ll have my people call your people to discuss.
  41. I don’t have a choice, do I?
  42. Preach!
  43. Gotcha man
  44. Also-f*kin-lately!
  45. It’s fine now. Why? Because I’m here!
  46. Okies cookies
  47. Even if I hate you, I would say yes to this one.
  48. Just be sure that we won’t go to jail for this.
  49. Boo yeah!
  50. Even my dog is saying yes.Ways to Say YES
  51. Then, let’s seal it with a kiss.
  52. Right on the money!
  53. Just be sure that we won’t get caught.


Witty Ways to Say Yes

If you are not satisfied with the list above, we have more witty ways you can use to say yes and express agreement. Don’t let that opportunity pass up to express your agreement!

  1. Totally!
  2. My two thumbs are standing in salute.
  3. There’s a 100% chance that I’m going say yes to that one.
  4. My enthusiastic nodding says it all.
  5. Are we there yet?
  6. It appears that you have read my mind.
  7. Is the hypotenuse the longest side of a triangle?
  8. Do pigeons fly?
  9. My thoughts exactly
  10. I’ll put my life on the line just for you.
  11. Aye, aye, sir!Ways to Say YES
  12. I haven’t said no yet, right?
  13. Tell me more.
  14. Undoubtedly
  15. Is water wet?
  16. I would love to, but there’s got to be a way to do it without killing myself.
  17. I totally ‘scored’ getting asked by you. Yes!
  18. I do!
  19. Of course
  20. Go on, I’m listening intently.
  21. I’ll answer you with my favorite ‘y’ word—yes!
  22. I was born for it
  23. Yes, my liege.Ways to Say YES
  24. Would I be too tall for you if I were standing on cloud 9?
  25. The answer is a resounding yes!
  26. Do vacuum cleaners suck?
  27. How do you spell yes?
  28. You’ll lead, I’ll follow
  29. I love you so much, that I’ll only agree with anything you say.
  30. I’m in it
  31. Like a dog wagging its tail in excitement
  32. Am I not holding my two thumbs up?
  33. Come on, humor me.
  34. You’re a perfect 10!
  35. You deserve a standing ovation for that idea.Ways to Say YES
  36. Hell, yes
  37. Is the mitochondria the powerhouse of the cell?
  38. If I was a regular jerk, I’d say no to this one.
  39. What’s the opposite of no?
  40. There is a huge possibility that you are correct.
  41. Due to the unlikelihood of an error on your part, I am forced to toss my lot in with you.
  42. Is the pope catholic?
  43. I have examined your worthwhile view thoroughly. After close deliberation, I would say that I vehemently concur to the bases of your belief and share your ideas on the said premise.
  44. You deserve a round of applause.
  45. Upon close examination of the aforementioned data, I wholeheartedly accept your conclusion as plausible.
  46. What are we waiting for?
  47. Oh yeah, baby!
  48. Do fishes swim?
  49. I firmly believe that our views about the subject matter at hand are very similar.
  50. Would you take ‘yes’ for an answer?
  51. My guts tell me that you are worth all the trouble.
  52. Is the sky blue?
  53. The smile on my face says it all!Ways to Say YES
  54. Let’s do it!
  55. Is one plus one equal to two?
  56. Is the sun hot?
  57. Does a bear live in the woods?


Creative Ways to Say Yes

There are other ways to say yes that is longer and more indirect. Don’t worry, it won’t lessen the weight of your affirmation. If being funny or witty doesn’t seem to appeal to you, you can try some of these creative ways to say yes and express your agreement.

  1. My belief is that you speak the truth.
  2. I subscribe to your idea.
  3. Let’s do a pinky swear.
  4. You just stole the words out of my mouth.
  5. I give you my blessing.
  6. I have no option but to regrettably agree to this foolish idea of yours.
  7. I’m at your behest.
  8. Hahaha, that’s true.Ways to Say YES
  9. I’m leaning towards what you desire.
  10. I acquiesce to your demand.
  11. I was born for this!
  12. I’ll do anything for you.
  13. That’s the way!
  14. Aye aye, captain!
  15. Okey-dokey!
  16. That would be a y-e-s!
  17. Then I’m giving you the go signal.
  18. It would be of great honor to me.
  19. My answer is in the affirmative.
  20. I guess it’s up to me now.Ways to Say YES
  21. I hereby acknowledge what you’ve just said.
  22. I give you my seal of approval.
  23. Amen to that!
  24. Definitely not no.
  25. Right on, brother/sister.
  26. Your idea nearly reflects all of my thoughts.
  27. You lead, I follow.
  28. You stole my brain!
  29. Your wish is my command.
  30. Great idea!
  31. I do not disagree.

Ways to Say YES

Say Yes to Marriage Proposal

Do you feel like you’ll get proposed to anytime soon? Are you looking for a unique way to say yes? Add a little thrill to your response and use some from the list below to find other ways to say yes to a marriage proposal.

  1. As long as we can have our honeymoon tonight. *wink*
  2. I ain’t a devil, but are you sure you want to sell your soul to me?
  3. *start crying* then go… “yes yes yes!”
  4. Will I marry you? How about you marry me instead? *chuckles*
  5. I’ll have to ask my dog first.
  6. ..will alcoholic drinks be served at this wedding you speak of?
  7. Let’s say I agreed to this proposal of yours, can I still change my mind later?
  8. Do you know what you’re getting yourself into?
  9. Hell, you bet-cha, partner!
  10. Let me check my schedule first.
  11. Okay, now let’s seal the contract with a kiss.
  12. Please forward your application form to my secretary.Ways to Say YES
  13. I was about to ask you the same thing.
  14. Great, but let me see what the ring looks like first.
  15. If you are hot, then sure.
  16. What’s marry? Is that delicious?
  17. Do we go by the “no return, no exchange” rule?
  18. Of course, I’d marry me.
  19. Rewind this, please! I want to experience it again.
  20. Where are the terms and conditions? I’ll have to review them first.
  21. Perhaps I’m off my hinges, but I believe you.
  22. If I were you, I’d marry me as well.
  23. Thanks for choosing me. You’ll receive an answer in 3-5 working days. Remember, I’ll call you, so don’t call me.
  24. May I ask if you have an expiration date?
  25. Well, if the ring fits, then why not?
  26. I might regret this, but—you—let’s do it!
  27. Then sign this contract over here.
  28. Thought you’d never ask!
  29. My gut tells me that you are worth the trouble.Ways to Say YES
  30. I’m no organ donor, but I’d be happy to give you my heart.
  31. I do! Wait…I mean, yes!


Found anything handy? Yes? Well, we hope you did! Now it’s time to show off what you have discovered from the list of ways to say yes that we provided you. It is a bit surprising to think that there are so many ways to say yes and many ways to agree without simply saying yes, right? In the end, what matters is that you sincerely mean it when it’s time for you to say yes!

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