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7 rules of life



Do you often feel that your life is miserable? Have you ever wondered why luck shines so brightly on others and not on you?

Well, life is a deep mystery. While no one can decode it and crack is 100%, you certainly can live it better than you are at present.

There are some simple rules in life that, when followed, will instantly make your life less complicated, easier to live, and, perhaps, even happier.

These are the 7 rules of life that are definitely the mantra for leading a happy life.

I am not telling you about basic ethics and principles that you must abide by to be a good human being.

But I am sharing some rules that will make you happier. Happiness is the greatest asset in this world.

Often circumstances, problems, griefs, deaths, break-ups weigh us down. But with these rules, you know how to move on.

These 7 rules for life are often known as the 7 cardinal rules for success and happiness in life.

These rules are simple life lessons that actually speak volumes. You may find a major chunk of your life wrapped up inside a simple rule.

Intrigued? Read on further to know more.

7 rules of life



7 Rules Of Life

These 7 life rules are basic instructions for a well-lived life. Abiding by these now will prevent you from regretting things later in your life.

  • Let it go

This can be translated as making peace with your past so that you can live your present without any remorse.

Often, life throws curve balls at us. Our relationships break, our loved ones die or we get cheated.

These circumstances pull us down and sadden us. If these events just sadden us, it is fine. As time heals every pain.

But if we hold grudges and a feeling of vengeance towards that person or time, then we ruin even our present and possibly our future.

Remember, you can never change the past, nor can you change the format of events.

You need to sit in peace somewhere, open up your closet of regrets in life, reconcile with them, and make your peace.

What is done, is done! You cannot change a thing about it. Living with regret over your past will make your present and future unhappy.

You will also make those around you unhappy. Once you let it go, you will feel free.

The only thing that you can change is your very next action in your present. Keep in mind to make the best of your now.

This rule in life teaches not to hoard old acts of vengeance or regrets in life.

It teaches you to wake up every day with a fresh mind, new determination, and a positive mindset.

  • Ignore them

What others think of you is none of your business. Often words hurt more than weapons.

Verbal harm done to someone gives mental scars that can never heal at times.

Physical scars may heal, but verbal damage is forever.

But the biggest secret here is that majority of the people laughing or smirking at you are doing it in their minds.

And, you are imagining it in yours. Once you learn to care a damn about what people might be thinking about you, you will grow your confidence.

Once you grow your confidence and only do as you feel like, people wanting to harm you will disappear.

It is just your insecurity that makes you feel low about yourself. Make a principle of life today, ‘Love yourself’, because ‘no one can love you more’.

No love is greater than self-love. Start believing in this today and no one will ever trouble you again.

This rule in life teaches you to ignore those who judge you or dislike you.

Life gets much easier when you are around people who care for you. This also makes you happier.

  • Give it time

Time heals all pain, every sorry, and even covers your regrets to some extent. Unhappy situations come in everyone’s lives.

The pain at that time is immense and you may feel like dying. But, if you give it time, you will realize that your pain has lessened.

There is no quick way to deal with suffering in life. Time takes its own course and you need to keep yourself occupied in other things.

You need to allow time to mend your broken soul, broken body parts, a broken heart, or broken image.

It doesn’t happen in a wink. But after the process, you will emerge stronger, braver, and smarter.

One of the best life’s rules, this one teaches you to be patient in life. Give time for your grief to mellow down.

Believe in the power of time and go on with your life. Happiness is just lurking around the corner.

  • Don’t compare

Everyone is born with a different destiny and fate. The calculation behind this is still uncertain, but you need to live with it.

Some people are lucky and get everything served on a platter, while some have to struggle for everything in life.

Comparing yourself with others, holding jealous feelings for someone, or trying to put others down will not get you what you desire.

It will only rob you of your mental peace and happiness in life. You may think that someone else is luckier than you, but you never know what they are going through.

You need to be content with what you have and make the best of your opportunities. You also should never judge people. Everyone’s journey in life is different.

This cardinal rule of life teaches you to be contented and satisfied with what you got. If you have to get more, it will come your way, no matter what.

  • Stay calm

Getting anxious, stressed, or frustrated is not going to get you anywhere. It only ruins your peace of mind. When you are anxious, you only tend to make decisions in a haste.

When you stay calm, you can think clearly about better alternatives or solutions. Remember everything in life is figureoutable.

This rule helps you stay calm in adverse situations. By doing so, you can avoid decisions made in haste and hence avoid greater problems in life.

  • It’s on you

There are many examples of great men and women who have it all in life and yet are not happy.

There are poor people too who are happy in life. Happiness comes from within you. No materialistic pleasure can buy you happiness in life.

Once you are happy with what life has offered you, you can try and make it better with optimism.

Make a list of things that make you happy and then try to filter out the list.

You will be left with things that make you really happy without spending too much money.

Count on those factors. Lead your life in such a way that you have plenty of happiness-providing-factors.

Do you feel happy playing a game of scrabble with your son?

Make it a point to do it often. Do you feel happy eating a scoop of your favorite chocolate ice-cream? Have it as often as you can.

This rule teaches you that happiness is from within. Stop doing things to prove yourself to others. Do things and work for things that make you genuinely happy.

  • Smile

Often, we get so engrossed and troubled in life’s problems that we forget to smile. Smile is an anti-depressant.

Many therapists recommend laughter therapy classes to their patients.

There is power in smile and laughter. It releases feel-good hormones inside you and makes you happy from within.

You need to smile more as you are not responsible for all the problems in the world.

You need to smile to keep yourself sane. You need to smile to carry on. And, you need to smile more because it is free!

This rule teaches you to take things lightly in life. Because there will be a time in your life when you will look back and find those problems very minute.

7 rules of life



The True Purpose of Rules and Principles in Life

You may argue that what is the need to abide by these rules in life. Life can be led without following these rules also.

Well, you are absolutely correct. You may just not want to abide by any rules or principles in life. But, such a life will not give you happiness, satisfaction, and contentment.

After a few years, everyone wants to look back and think, ‘Well, mine was a life well-lived’. This is not weighed by the amount of wealth you have gained or your good health.

It is weighed by the good deeds you have done.

7 rules of life




These 7 rules of life are the mantra to lead your life in a better and happier way.

It is like in the game of life, you now have a secret to get going and face any sort of challenges that come your way.

You should write these rules on a piece of paper and stick inside your cupboard.

Whenever you are sad or miserable, read these rules to see which one applies to your current problem.

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process in life. With my blog, even if I manage to influence a few people, it will be quite worthy.

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