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Everyone in this world is different and unique. While some may be gifted with beautiful features, shapely body, or flawless skin, others are not so fortunate. Others are highly talented in some fields, while some others may not be able to reach up to their levels. If you are someone who feels bad about their flaws, then this blog here will help you see things in a new light.

This blog here is a shout out to all those people who have felt frustrated about having a dark complexion, or about being fat. This blog hopes to make people see the good in themselves and enhance it to such extreme levels that it outshines their flaws. This blog is a message to everyone unhappy with their own looks or achievements to be your own kind of beautiful.

be your own kind of beautiful

No One Is Perfect

To be your kind of beautiful, you need to first accept and acknowledge who you are and how you are. Whether you are short, dark, skinny, fair, timid, shy, fat, ugly, unintelligent, ignorant, or whatever else, love yourself. No one will love you if you don’t love yourself. Once you love yourself, half your journey is accomplished. Love resonates with happiness. If you love yourself and are happy about yourself, it will peep on the outside.

The world loves to make friends with happy people. Next, you need to find your talents. Everyone has some hidden talents. If you are feeling less confident about yourself or less competent, then probably you have not yet discovered your hidden talents. If you often feel jealous or sad seeing your perfect-looking friend, remember, she may not be as loving or as clever as you.

Work on your talents. Let your talents shine through and camouflage your flaws. Remember that no one in this world is perfect. The celebrity that you see on TV may have a perfect body or perfect skin, but she too is struggling with her own imperfections. There is no such being in this world who is perfect. Once you acknowledge this fact, you will feel less lowly about yourself.

e your own kind of beautiful

Be Unique And Proud Of Who You Are

And why do you want to be only beautiful and flawless like thousands of others? Why not be the only one with a unique talent? For this, it is necessary to be yourself daily and to be your own kind. Be authentic and stop feeling insecure about yourself. Do not paint yourself with tones of makeup just so that you can impress everyone with your looks.

The meaning of being your own kind of beautiful is to be brave about voicing your opinions too. Even if physical appearance does not matter much, some people are always conscious of other peoples’ opinions of them. Such people are scared to voice out their opinions in public or speak their heart out.

They tend to sugar coat their words or be diplomatic to avoid public attention. That again is not being yourself. You can put your opinions across in a polite way, without humiliating anyone and you never know, there might be others out there who think the same way you do.

No one should make you change the way you are. Be fun and be loving and the world will shower the same to you. You can create your own kind of beauty. Late President of India, Mr Abdul Kalam was always rebuked and made fun of as a child. He was not a very bright student and did not have good looks. He had a silly hairstyle that made people want to run away from him.

The same man also tried to commit suicide once because he was so ashamed of himself and did not see a good life ahead. When life gave him a second chance, he worked on his talents and won everyone’s hearts with his qualifications, talents, and principles. Such people are role models to each one of us as they teach us how being your own kind of beautiful can give you a better life.

be your own kind of beautiful

The True Definition Of Beautiful

There is no definite definition of beauty and you should not judge yourself based on what the society feels is beautiful. It just takes confidence to changes other’s opinions. What is more important is your inner beauty. Beauty lies in being good, considerate, and loving to others. You may have a perfect child who looks beautiful, tops the class, and is multi-talented, but if your child does not treat you right, then he/she is not beautiful from within.

A child who is less talented and does not look that good but respects his parents is more beautiful than the perfect child. Values, virtues, culture, good manners, ethics, etiquette, and principles make a person beautiful.

Many people today, especially youngsters have thousands or millions of friends or fans on social media. Likes, comments, shares, and virtual friends have taken away the significance of having a few real friends. Such youngsters post flawless pictures or cool pictures only to get appreciated by their virtual friends. Such youngsters are also getting increasingly depressed in life.

They are forgetting the importance of spending quality time with real friends who would never judge you for your imperfect looks. Once this fact sinks in, the world can be a better and happier place.


No one in the world should have the right to change your thoughts, actions, looks, perceptions, or principles. Just do whatever you feel like, keeping in mind the consequences of your actions and words on others. Many people in this world have a perfect life, perfect looks, and yet are unhappy. Others have less than perfect lives, not-so-good looks, and yet ooze happiness and vibrancy around.

What is more important is contentment. If you just want to look perfect to make others happy and impressed, you will never be happy and contented for long. If you live life on your own terms, you will be happier.

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