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Love is one of the most beautiful feelings and yet most complicated. You may fall in love with someone who has just met and you may not love someone you have been living with for years.

Loving someone and to stop loving someone is not in your control. You can easily fall out of love for someone you have loved all your life.

Certain bitter experiences, unpleasant truths, or reactions may make you stop loving someone instantly. At the same time, despite breaking up with your ex, you might continue to love him forever.

This complicated set-up of love gets uncomfortable when you stop loving someone you are in a relationship with. But if you have broken up with your ex and you also have stopped loving him, then it makes things easier for both of you.

True love is eternal. If you find that your feelings for someone have changed and you have stopped loving them, then perhaps, your love was not true in the first place.

It could be infatuation or love of convenience. With time or circumstances, such love ceases to exist. But if you have truly and deeply loved someone, then you can never stop loving that person.

True love continues to exist for someone even after they die. It remains in your heart after your divorce or breakup. You may not be in love anymore but the love for that person remains. It takes a backspace in your heart and mind and it continues to stay there, propping up sometimes and taking you in a world of nostalgia and lost love.

can you ever stop loving someone

Can You Ever Forget Your First Love?

They say that a person can never forget their first love. First love is special because it is for the first time you experience the beautiful emotions that come with love. These emotions are very different from being infatuated with someone.

You feel a loving pain in your heart for your beloved. This love need not be two-sided. When you love someone deeply, your heart sings with joy and you walk with a spring in your step. This love is different from the love you feel for your parents or siblings.

When you first experience this emotion, your heart and mind store these pleasant memories forever. They say that time and tide wait for none. After a few years, the intensity of your feelings may reduce or you may not be with the same person anymore. But you can never stop loving someone who has been your first love.

Does Time Make You Stop Loving Someone?

Whether you manage to let go of your feelings of love quickly or with time, completely depends on the person. Some people tend to cling harder to their loved ones because they are afraid of losing them.

They refuse to let go till the very last. For some others, letting go of someone is very easy as they are very practical people. How you handle your emotions does not mean that you have stopped loving someone. Love for your significant might still stay in your hearts forever.

When you first fall in love with someone, sexual feelings are associated with love as well. As time passes, you may get into a platonic relationship or you may not be with that person anymore.

But if it was true love, it will remain in your memories forever. Time and again, these memories will pop up in your mind. But if that doesn’t happen, then perhaps, it was never loved.

can you ever stop loving someone

Does Moving On Means You Stopped Loving Your Ex?

Unpleasant breakups, circumstances, long-distance or one-sided love maybe some of the reasons why people move away from each other. Some may choose to move on immediately so that they can get their minds off their significant, while some move on because they found someone more interesting.

Some even move on to make their partners jealous and there are others who move on to find convenience. All these circumstances and choices cannot control or dominate your feelings of love for your ex. You may still love your ex in a certain way and yet find comfort in the arms of another.

Moving on does not make you stop loving your ex. It just gives your minds and hearts a break. It helps them concentrate on someone else. But this does not mean that your ex will be shoved off just like that. The love for your ex can remain forever in your heart, buried deep within, without troubling your present life.

How To Stop Loving Someone?

If you have been in love with someone who is no longer next to you, then why do you want to stop loving that person? True love is a beautiful feeling and only a few are lucky enough to experience it in their life. If life has given you grief, time will help you lessen it.

With time, your feelings of love will not cause pain anymore. These feelings will transform into feelings of tenderness, fondness, and love of a bygone era. If you choose to bury these love feelings somewhere deep in your heart and mind, you can always recall them and cherish them.

Love is not a physical pain that can be lessened with medicines. Love is a feeling that can be put deeper into your hearts but can never be removed completely.

If you want to get over someone fast, you can occupy your mind into productive and get really busy. Once your mind starts thinking about more important tasks to complete, you will find it easier to forget that person, even if temporarily. With time, you will feel that the memories of your love do not trouble you any longer. With time, your heart will be free of pain and lament.

can you ever stop loving someone


Love is not a toy that you can stop whenever you want. It is not a cable that you can easily disconnect from one soul and plug on to another. When you understand this fact, you will not think about forgetting someone you love. It is a process that only time can help you with.

Do you have something else to contribute? Please leave a message telling us your experience of forgetting someone you love. Let us take it further from there.

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