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ideas for gifts for people with anxiety



Anxiety is a stressful state of the mind. Depression is largely perceived as a severe feeling of sadness. Most of the time, these two are interlinked. Depressed people are often anxious about a lot of things which you may consider normal.

Most people are unaware of the fact that depression is a condition of the mind. The brain loses certain important chemicals that regulate the emotions in a person leaving the person to feel sad and depressed.

Whenever a person is in a constant sad mood, experiences changes in sleep pattern is devoid of pleasure in pleasurable activities, has a significant weight loss or gain, is fatigued most of the time, has suicidal thoughts and has unexplained feelings of guilt, he/she might be suffering from depression and anxiety.

It is a very common disease these days and leads to severe complications in the person if left untreated. Some people who do not know or understand depression might blame the person for behaving irrationally on purpose or might even laugh at the suicidal tendencies but only a depressed person knows what she/he is going through.

But if you know someone who is going through depression, then we have some wonderful ideas that can help you cheer them up. Here are some ideas for gifts for people with anxiety.

ideas for gifts for people with anxiety


Significance of Gifts For People with Anxiety

In some people, anxiety is triggered due to the loss of a dear one while in some it may happen due to some stressful event in life. Some get it if they have had an episode of depression or anxiety earlier. Sometimes, a healthy and happy-go-lucky person also gets anxiety for no rhyme or reason.

To soothe such people, you can think of stress relief gifts. These can be a punching bag or a squeezy ball. You can explain to the person that whenever they are feeling anxious, sad, or jittery, they can hit the bag or squeeze the ball until their frustrations are let out.

You need to gift those items that can instantly soothe their trauma or pain. They should feel so delighted with your gift that they should momentarily forget their pain and stress. Gifts for depressed people range from cute stuff toys to motivating wall posters.

The gifts also need to be so subtle that they should not make it obvious to the recipient as it might hurt their sentiments. You can also give books on people who have fought anxiety and depression in their lives. Such inspiring books can motivate these people on who to change their mindsets.

There are many stress-relief products available on the market. But you cannot give these products without proper planning. Such people are also very easy to get hurt. If you make it obvious to them that you are gifting them a depression gift, it might hurt their sentiments.

Consequences of Wrong Gifts for People with Anxiety

Selecting the right gifts for depressed people is also quite tricky. A slightly off gift might trigger their old pain or stress. They might get even more depressed or anxious about getting the wrong gift. Before gifting anything to the depressed person, you should know their history to some extent.

You should have a hint of their sufferings so that you can select a gift accordingly. If you cannot get any information, then it is best to give harmless gifts like a box of chocolates or flowers.

So, if you know someone who is struggling with depression and anxiety, then here are some ideas for gifts for people with anxiety.

ideas for gifts for people with anxiety


10 Gift Ideas for People with Anxiety

Essential Oils

Essential oils like lavender, chamomile, bergamot, neroli, and geranium have a very calming and soothing effect on people. These work wonderfully on people with anxiety or stress. They soothe the irritated nerves and trick the minds to stop overthinking.

You may get many such oil bottles on the market but some of them may just contain fragrances. Read the ingredients on the bottle to ensure that you are buying essential oils and not just fragrances. You may get a set of all these oils in a giftable pack or choose to buy any one of these oils.

When gifting these oils to the person with anxiety, remember that you have to pass on the message subtly without hurting their sentiments. You can say that you have tried these yourself and boast on how wonderful they are.

Soothing Teas

People with anxiety often struggle with other problems like acid reflux, GERD, hypertension, and other such problems. They are unable to calm their minds and get anxious over little things. They may seem perfectly normal from the outside but are crumbling from inside.

Gifting people with anxiety soothing ideas is a wonderful idea. Flavors like chamomile, rose, lemon, lavender, peppermint, and valerian root have a very soothing effect on the stomach and nerves.

Incense Sticks

People with anxiety can highly benefit from fragrant incense sticks. Just like essential oils and soothing teas, you get incense sticks providing soothing aromas. Lighting such incense sticks, helps you get a calming aura around. The person with anxiety finds himself deeply relaxed in inhaling such smells.

Classical Music

Music soothes everyone. If you are looking for a suitable gift for someone battling depression and anxiety, you can consider classical music CDs. You can even get the person tickets to a local symphony concert. There are compilations available that can soothe your stress and help you relax. You get anxiety relief music CDs on the market too. Some great examples are ’50 Greatest Pieces of Classical Music’ or ‘Mozart for Meditation’.

If the person is fond of a particular singer or performer, you can gift a compilation of those songs too. If you think that person can benefit from meditation, a compilation of yoga audio or a meditation chanting is also quite thoughtful.


Just like incense sticks, you also get soothing candles for people with anxiety. You get them in pretty packings on the market. These candles are infused with soothing and calming essential oils. You can gift these candle packs to those who are suffering from anxiety. Lighting these candles every day can help them get a hold on their anxiety and stress.

Bath Kit

A bath kit contains body washes, foamy soaps, bath oils, and scrubs. You get these in fragrances like lavender, rose, lemon, and many such others. A bath kit makes a perfect gift for those struggling with anxiety.

Anxiety Journal

An anxiety journal makes a wonderful gift for those battling anxiety and stress. It helps them maintain a record of their thoughts, problems, stressful thoughts, etc. They are often advised by doctors to maintain a journal so that they can be later treated as per their write-ups. Gifting a journal to someone with anxiety can be a very thoughtful gift. It shows them that you care.

Your concern might have a deep and positive impact on them. Such patients often lose the will power to heal themselves. But with caring and thoughtful gifts like these, they may think positively again.

Adult Coloring Books

Do you remember coloring in children’s books as a kid? You would spend hours coloring your favorite cartoons with crayons or colored pencils. This activity is strangely relaxing and soothing. You get adult coloring books too with a little more complicated and intricate drawings. Adults struggling with depression or anxiety can find relief coloring in these books. Such anxiety relief products can help them take a break from disturbing thoughts and enjoy some moments of peace.

Weighted Blanket

When anxiety strikes, you need something soothing and comforting. Some people with severe anxiousness even find themselves being alone and insecure. A weighted blanket can often help them calm their nerves and find some comfort. Gift this wonderful anxiety gift to someone you care about.

Honey Sticks

Honey has soothing and calming properties on the body. Suckling on a honey stick can help soothe tension and stress. It is a great relaxation gift too. These are also available in a variety of flavors such as lemon, rose, peach, strawberry, or raspberry. You can also dip these sticks in your morning tea if you prefer your tea sweet.

Squeeze Balls

These are available in stores selling stress relief products. Sportspeople and athletes are known to use this ball to while away their stress. The squeezy ball is made of sponge and helps to vent out their tensions and frustrations.

ideas for gifts for people with anxiety


Therapy Session Vouchers

Know someone who is struggling with anxiety but is afraid to come out in the open? Many people struggling with depression or anxiety often find it tough to first acknowledge their problem and then to get themselves treated. Gifting them a therapy session voucher may help them take that first step to treatment.

You never know, this thoughtful gift of yours can help save a life.


Depression and anxiety can happen to anyone in one’s lifetime and only a near and dear one can help you get out of this condition. It is a treatable disorder and none should be left to live with it forever. Gifts are a cool way to cheer such people and bring back some happiness and joy into their lives.

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