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It has been a problem for some teens nowadays about being a good child that their parents have always wanted right from the start.

Of course, parents only want the best from their children, and it includes incorporating them with the right values and attitudes.

One of the teen issues they are facing is the adjustment of doing the essential things that can make their parents proud.

So, are there ways you can do for you to be labeled as a good child? Can these be done easily?

Does it mean that you have to excel in every situation you are about to undertake in life?

Well, you don’t have to be perfect in order for you to become the best child that your parents could ever have. You only have to possess good qualities or good manners with the right conducts in order to please your parents.

You should bear in mind that your parents only want the best for you. So, if you are currently in a place where you feel delighted and satisfied with your life, then there’s no need for you to change.

However, if you seem to notice that you don’t make your parents happy, you can right away check out the things we have listed below!


1. Listen to your parents.

2. Do well in your responsibilities.

3. Respect your parents

4. Be honest

5. Accept the fact that you still need their guidance

6. Show them how much you love them.

7. Show compassion to others.

8. Be responsible

1. Listen to your parents.

Listen to your parents


Successful people are the ones that have listened the most to their parents’ advice about their lives.

Your parents are way older than you as they have experienced things you have not yet done. And because the experience is the best teacher, you should listen to those people who have already experienced them.

No matter how much you think you have mastered something, your parents will always have something to remind you of. So, be family-oriented and listen to your parents and make sure that you follow what they say.

If your parents are giving you their advice, make sure that you don’t talk back or interrupt them.

In this way, you can prove to them that you are listening well, and you are taking their advice wholeheartedly.

Although sometimes your parents will give you a suggestion that you think is not meant for you to choose, you should try to open up your mind.

Never ignore what your parents have said to you if you don’t want to make bad decisions in life.

They only want the best for you, so try to think twice and consider the best options given to you. You can only be a good child if you know how to listen to your parents.

2. Do well in your responsibilities.

Do well in your responsibilities


Teens are given responsibilities in life. It may not be as big as the responsibilities of adults, but it is a stepping stone that will teach them a lesson that’s beneficial for the future.

Even if you are given small tasks that are home or school-related, you should be ready to strive hard and do them successfully.

A good child is someone that can help her parents with the things that they are into, including household chores.

You should not be lazy to do things that will reduce their workloads. You can help your mother cook, wash the dishes, buy groceries, prepare meals, doing the laundry, and more.

You should not wait for your mother to constantly remind you of what to do because responsibilities should come with initiative.

Furthermore, you should do better in school so that you’ll end up paying the hard work of your parents. If you keep on receiving awards, the more you will be motivated in life.

3. Respect your parents

Respect your parents


Whatever happens, you have to respect your parents.

There may be times that you are being scolded about the things that you want to do in life because they don’t think it is good for you.

However, you don’t have the right or the power to be over them since you owe them a lot in your entire lifetime.

Arguments between teens and parents happen a lot. However, if you beg to disagree, make sure that you do it nicely. Don’t raise your voice nor turn your back on them.

It is how you treat your parents, whether you can be identified as a good child or not.

You should respect them and make it a habit to address your parents the right words to say. There are a lot of reasons why your family is the most important thing in life.

When you’re about to go somewhere, make sure to ask for their permission, and don’t forget to greet them every time.

4. Be honest

Be honest


A good child is not afraid. You should be honest all the time so that you can gain the full trust of your parents.

If you want your parents to believe in you, your ways and plans should be as clear as water so that they can help you succeed in a bigger picture.

If you did something wrong that you know your parents will get angry with you, you don’t have to hide it.

They would be likely to appreciate it more if you tell them the truth because you can’t keep a secret forever. It will soon be revealed.

It is better to hurt them with the truth than to make them believe in lies. If they punish you, then be it.

The more you commit mistakes. It makes you stronger than ever before. And because you are afraid to be punished, you will not surely do it again.

5. Accept the fact that you still need their guidance

Accept the fact that you still need their guidance


Even if you think you know everything in life, your parents still know the best for you. You will make a lot of mistakes in life most especially that you are still young and the life ahead is still long.

Accept your mistakes and learn from them. It is one way of making your parents proud.

So when your parents tell you that you should study well for your next exam, do it.

Or else you’ll end up getting a low score that can disappoint your parents. Successful people become the best only when they’ve learned to move forward with the lessons given by their parents.

Even if you think you have the strictest parents, but you will never get lost in life if you are under their guidance.

The less you’ll commit mistakes, and the better you will become if you take it positively.

6. Show them how much you love them.

Show them how much you love them


You can never proclaim that you are a good child, not unless you show your parents how much you love them.

You can not repay them from all the sacrifices they have made for you to have a happy life. The only thing that you can do is to be family-oriented and be thankful to them.

You need to make them feel that they are the best. You can shower them with sweet words that can warm their hearts. You should not feel shy when showing affection to your parents.

Do things that will make them happy such as helping them with their workloads. Hug them and tell them you love them. You should never let a day pass without making them feel their importance in your life.

7. Show compassion to others.

Show compassion to others


Being a good child doesn’t only mean that you are helpful and responsible inside your home.

It also means helping people that you meet around. The world needs a lot of love today, and you can take part in doing good things for others.

For example, if you saw an older man trying to cross the street, what should you do?

It is an instinct for everyone to offer help, no matter how small it is. You can also volunteer to different foundations that help the less fortunate. Or you can help your classmate who is bullied and distant to have friends finally.

Extend a helping hand to others, and they will copy the things that you do well.

Sometimes parents get exhausted after a long tough day. So instead of demanding to cook fancy dinner for you, if you cannot cook, ask them to cook something quick and easy.

This was a very small example of support, you can be a backbone by helping them when they are unhealthy, even becoming support for your friend can help you out on being a responsible teenager. You can learn more about how to become a responsible teen here.

8. Be responsible

Be responsible


Nothing is more satisfying for your parents if they see you doing things successfully, even without the help of anybody.

It is one way of identifying that they did raise a person that is not just family-oriented but also independent.

So make sure that you finish the things you start doing. It includes your studies and passion in life.

If there are some actions that you’ve done wrong, make sure that you take full responsibility for it.

Don’t be afraid of getting criticized by others because that is part of our lives. You will make mistakes from time to time, and you should train yourself to learn from them.

Furthermore, if there are things that your parents give to you, take good care of them. You should never neglect the things being provided by your parents because they are treasuring them.



Not everyone is lucky to still be with their parents while they are reaching their dreams.

If you are one of the few, please never take this for granted. Make sure to remember the things mentioned above so that your parents will be proud of your good deeds.

Be the best child and be one of the most successful people that your parents could ever have!

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