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No response to your texts, messages, or phone calls can be very annoying. How to deal with someone who has been answering to your approach with silence? The fact is that when you get no response, you need to dwell deeper into it. The silence carries a lot of weight. It tells you the answer you are not ready to accept or choose to ignore.

When you usually expect a response and do not get one, you should understand that the relationship is coming to an end. It would be ideal to respond with a ‘negative’ or ‘positive’ or ‘any other reason’, but not many people prefer to respond that way. No response is a response for sure and many times, it helps prevent an immediate reaction from the recipient.

no response is a response


No Response In Relationships

When you do not get a response you expect in relationships, it could mean a lot of things. Perhaps, your partner is unable to respond immediately or is caught up in a dreaded situation. Perhaps, they are still thinking about the relationship, need some time to think it over and feel it is best to ignore you for some time then ask you for some time. Imagine, if your partner comes to you one day and says that they need a few days to think about the future of the relationship and hence would not be responding for some time.

And then, imagine another situation when your partner just ignores your calls, texts, and messages for a few weeks and then come back to you with a legit-sounding reason and behave as if the gap never happened. Well, to summarize, no response in relationships is quite complicated. You cannot justify what is right or what is wrong. You just have to deal with it and let time take its own course.

In some other cases, no response could also mean that they have found a better person to fil in your place. They don’t need you anymore and feel that by not responding, you will eventually get a message and move on. This will prevent a bitter confrontation and an unhappy ending. Some people prefer to be very straight with their relationships and there are others, who prefer to have the ‘no response is a response’ attitude.

If your partner or friend has been ignoring you for quite some time, and you have no clue about the sudden disappearance, then you can approach them directly. Sometimes, if somebody’s no response has been bothering you too much, the best is to meet them in person, ask them the reason and deal with it then and there. If your self-respect or ego prevents you from asking the person regarding their silence, you can just give it some time.

The time will help you move on and find someone better yourself. The time gap might also make them come back to you and then you can ask them the reason for their no response.

no response is a response


No Response In Work

No response in work is a powerful response.

People do not make professional matters unnecessarily complicated. They want you to understand the meaning of their no response quickly. If you have been asking someone for a work or a job reference and they prefer to not respond to your calls, texts, or messages, then it is obvious that they do not have anything for you yet.

You should also stop putting all your hopes on that person who chooses not to respond and find other means. They could have responded with a definite ‘no’ or ‘not yet’, but if they don’t, understand that they do not want to sound rude.

No Response When You Meet In Person

Some people also greet you with silence or a cold attitude when you meet them in person. This means that something has put them off. They do not want to greet you, talk to you, or associate with you again. It is obvious that they longer think you are worthy of sharing their thoughts or feelings with.

The best reaction to such gestures is to walk away. If the person’s response bothers you, you can try calling or texting to know the reason. But you should try only once as you might be greeted with silence again.

How To Deal With It

No response to the text could mean a lot of things. It is not wise to jump to conclusions if the person does not respond to you via text or messages. It is best to personally confront or call and then analyze the situation. But, then again, if a person loves you or cares for you will not leave you hanging without a proper response.

You could choose to give it some time when you are not responded to in relationships. In professional cases, a response means a polite no. You need to move on and find something else.

A no response hurts. But people do it all the time. It hurts when your loved one does it to you and annoys when a professional acquaintance does it to you.  The only way to deal with it is to give time. If your loved one needs some time away from you, give them.

They might have found a better person or might have been going through heavy stuff. If they come back to you, understand that you are very important to them.

no response is a response


Situations When People Respond Late

Although rare, cases happen when a person responds late, especially when you have given up all hope. They come up with understandable reasons later. If you are in a long-distance relationship and suddenly your loved one stops responding to you. You would think that they have found someone else. Perhaps they have lost their job or been diagnosed with a deadly disease.

Perhaps, they have heard something horrible about you. They need some time to think it over and then respond to you. But, after a few months, if they come back to you and give you an acceptable reason, you get back together again.

Benefits Of A No Response

Sometimes, giving a no response to someone actually inclines you on a better position. You can control the situation better, prevent it from getting bitter and can even give time to the other person to cool down. Many times, giving no response to someone and just walking away, gives them time to rethink the whole situation and even realize their faults.

A fight requires two people but if you choose to give a no response, you may actually prevent your relationship from falling.

Professionally, when you choose to give no response to someone’s query, perhaps you are just buying time to be sure of what to reply. Perhaps, they are looking upon you for a positive response and you don’t have one yet. Instead of giving false hopes or beating around the bush, you prefer to keep quiet and then when you have the right answer, you can revert.


No response is a response meaning differs in every situation. You need to understand that when you are not getting any response, you need to move on and leave that person alone. Silence speaks volumes! Silence often conveys what words cannot. You need to listen to the sounds of silence without any disturbance and find your response.

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