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Do you often wonder why you meet certain people in your life? Friends, families, and colleagues all seem fine and natural, but sometimes, you meet some people whose sole purpose in life is to teach you something. Friends and families may be with you for a lifetime. There are some others whom you feel thankful to have in your life. Everyone has a different set of people in their lives. Have you ever given it a thought that perhaps you meet only those who are pre-destined in your life? People come into your life has for a reason, a season, or a lesson.  The day you understand the depth of this phrase, you will stop getting angry at those who have come to teach you a lesson. You will never take for granted those who are always by your side as a blessing. You will also understand eventually the reason why some people came into your lives. Everything in life happens for a reason. You cross someone’s path or someone crosses your path for a reason.

You may regret having met someone in your life who has given you bitter memories. But it cannot be undone or it could not be prevented. Every person has a reason to be in your life. Perhaps, the bitter memories or experiences have taught you a lesson. Perhaps, such people were Godsend to make you stronger and smarter in life. Once you accept this fact, you will accept everyone who comes into your life. There are cosmic and spiritual reasons behind meeting someone in your life. Some of the reasons may be clear only once you leave the earth, but some others, you will realize in this birth only.

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6 Beliefs Why People Come Into Your Lives

There is always a reason for meeting someone in life. Every encounter may not be pleasant, but the meeting is pre-destined to teach you a lesson or to guide you to your path. Here are 6 beliefs, why people come into your lives:

  • Some Act As Bridges

There are some people who come into your life only to act as a bridge. These help you connect with someone else or meet someone who eventually becomes more important in your life. Such people are not meant to last for long. Their presence in our life is only limited to giving us the pathway to our goals. These people often arrive exactly at the time when you cannot think of a way further. They often appear as Godsends. They are the ones to transport you to the next level of your life’s journey.

  • Obstacles Or Blocks In Your Path So That You Get Rerouted

Some people come into your life to cause delays. You may get very angry at them at that time and may even curse them. But eventually, you understand that had it not been for them, you could have landed in greater trouble. For example, someone delays you from catching your flight. You later find out that the same flight crashed. Such people easily become the reason for your wrath at that time. You only understand their importance later. Such people who come up as hurdles or rejections, actually redirect you to a better place or a safer path. These may be considered as obstacles or blocks in your path so that you get rerouted to a better path.

  • Some Act As Teachers

Some people come into your life to teach you important life lessons. They may cause you pain and struggle, but eventually help you come out stronger, smarter, and more knowledgeable. They may give you a lot of pain, but also motivate you to change yourself for the better. Some other teachers may be able to teach you valuable life lessons in a loving manner. But such people’s only significance in your life is to educate you.

  • Some Come As Your Guardian Angels

Your guardian angels are those who remind you to stay safe and even protect you in times of crisis. They are around to check that you do not cause any harm to yourself or do not stray away from the right path. They may always be there to help you when you are not feeling good or strong.

  • Some Come To Assure You That They Have Your Back

Often in life, you have someone whom you can call your strength pillars. They always seem to have your back and keep you out of trouble. For example, a loving elder sister who manages to get you out of trouble every time. She always supports you and encourages you. Such a sister always has your back. Such people always stand by your side and motivate you to stay on track. Their mere presence in your life gives you energy, motivation, and positivity to keep going ahead in your journey.

  • Others Come To Give You Company

No one can survive alone in this world. Man looks for someone of this ‘tribe’ to give him company. There are some people in your life whom you can relate to and call your very own. They may be people of your own culture, organization, thought process, or frequency. Such people are always there by your side and you also enjoy their company.


It is often too late when you realize the importance of these people in your lives. In the journey of life, you may have hurt someone or ignored someone. You may have even taken for granted a few others. Often, when you realize their importance, it is too late. But if you are reading this blog, you should jot down a list of all those who are dear to you and who have always been there for you. It is never too late to make amends and so you should do it now.

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How To Deal With Toxic People?

Sometimes, you may wonder what is the reason or lesson behind having to deal with certain toxic people in your lives. Sometimes, you do not understand the reasons until much later. Someone comes into your life to show you false dreams and hopes. They leave in a wink shattering you. There are some others who are there in your life constantly and they keep poking you with their toxicity. So how do you deal with such people?

Well, the best is to ignore the toxic people in your life. The only way to not let toxic people affect your mindsets is to avoid them. Have trust in life, fate, and destiny. Whatever happens, happens for the best. If you give it a lot of thought, you will realize how much people have made you stronger and more aware of your surroundings. You would have definitely gained an experience or learned a lesson from having such toxic people around. But if you confront them or try to get even with them, you will spoil your mindset. Their only purpose in your life is to teach you how some people are and how best you can avoid them.

You may be complaining about a terrible job or a horrible boss. But if you put some thought into it, the job and the boss have made you more patient, resilient, more careful of the smallest errors, and more punctual. Life is like that. Some lessons have to be taught to us in a very rude and tough manner. We may not take every lesson seriously if taught lovingly. There is goodness in everything. Once you start believing in this, you will stop grumbling about life and start enjoying every moment.

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Our belief in the afterlife or life after death can be subjective. We may contradict each other in believing whether souls exist or not. The ultimate truth of this fact can be ascertained by each individual only when he dies and gets to experience it himself. But there is no harm in believing that we have had another existence before this life and that there will be another existence after this life. This belief will help us believe in the universal powers of humanity and kindness. We will start believing that karma matters and hence, we will start acting responsibly. When we start believing in the fact that we meet everyone in our life for a reason, it will be easier for us to interpret the reasons and learn life’s lessons quickly.

This one is a very heavy topic to digest and it does require a lot of introspection. If you enjoyed this read, do let me know as your comments keep me inspired. I would look forward to your comments in the comment box. Let us take it from there.

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