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If you often wonder why has the Creator blessed you with the life of a human being and what is your purpose of life, then you are not alone.

Many of us get into the routine chores of our life and often forget the reasons for our existence. In this article, I shall throw light on how you can make your life more meaningful and purposeful.

Often life makes us very materialistic. All we care about is our family, our career, our income, our assets, and our friends. But, eventually, when you have had enough of all these pleasures, you crave for something more fulfilling.

It is then that you get more inclined towards a spiritual path. The path of spirituality is often confused as the path to find God. This is hardly true. It means finding a way to live your life in such a way that you are contented and satisfied.

It means living your life in such a way that when you are old enough, you can proudly look back and say, ‘It was a life well-lived’.

If you ever feel why you are alive or feel worthless with your life, then you need to indulge in some selfless acts which make you feel proud to be a human.

These acts can be as simple as feeding a homeless person or making a sad person smile. It is when you offer yourself to the benefit of others without expecting anything in return, you will feel more worthy.

why am i alive



Reason Of Your Existence

No one can ever know the real reason for their existence while they are still living. Perhaps, after death, this reason becomes more clear. But if you take examples from the life of great saints or experienced people, there are ways in which one can make their own life more meaningful and joyous.

Money, success, friends, career, relationships are all important in life. But some people have felt lonely and sad despite having it all. A more satiated feeling comes when you give more than you receive.

But you may argue that nothing is right in your own life. You may even come to a dark spot in your mind which forces you to think, ‘why live?’. Tensions, stress, anxiety, job insecurity, and relationship issues are a part and parcel of life.

Rarely does anyone have a life like a bed of roses? But, in your stressful times too, if you can think of offering yourself to others, life, nature and the Creator will find a way to give back to you.

Even if there is no sure shot calculation for this theory, it does help you go on with your life. Here are some ways in which you can continue living in a good way even if you are feeling worthless in your life.

Physiological Reasons

These are the basic reasons for all living beings to exist. You are alive so that you can eat and sleep and repeat. Your life starts with these two main important reasons for existence. As a child, you only eat and sleep. These are the supreme joys for a child and the only reason to live.

The Need To Belong

As you grow older, you understand the need for relationships. To live happily, you need relationships. You need parents, siblings, and friends to stay happy.

You grow amongst everyone and feel the need to belong. Your thought process is limited to having a family, food, and togetherness. At that tender age, your reason to live is limited to relationships and basic necessities.

 why am i alive



As you grow up, the reason to live changes. You want to study and have a career. You either want to do a business of your own or get a good job. You set life goals and want to earn money. All this you do for your self-esteem. Money and success in life become your prime reasons for existence.


This comes at a stage when you have kind of achieved all your goals in life. You have realized your true potential in life and you have embraced it. You pursue your talents and dreams in life. You climb the ladder of success to achieve all your goals.

It is at this stage that destiny plays an important role. It may be kind to some and it may be unkind to some.

But at this phase of life, a person more or less has an inkling of what his life is going to be further. Your reason for existence at this stage is to provide well for your family, find a suitable partner for yourself, grow more, and earn more.

When Reasoning Strikes

Reasoning strikes to different people at different times their lives. To most, it strikes after middle-age. Before that, you have been too busy making a life for yourself.

At this stage, some of you might come across this question as to what is the reason for your existence. Why has the creator made you? Have you been sent to the planet to do something else?

Sometimes, this thought comes to your life when you have always run behind money and success and ignored your real calling. Some other times, this thought comes to your mind when you feel worthless about yourself.

This is a beautiful thought that should not be ignored. It is a message to guide you towards a more meaningful life. It is not necessary that everyone will get this thought in their lives.

But for those who do, there are ways to get an answer. The answer to this is to make your life more purposeful from then onwards.

7 Ways To Live A Purpose-Driven Life

  • Find your inner passion

If career, academics, parent’s or spouse’s pressure always came in between your passion, then now is the time to indulge in it. Whether it is as simple as painting or working for an NGO, start doing it now. If you leave your inner passion burning and never doing things that you really like, then you will feel a sense of worthlessness in life.

To be happy and satisfied in life, you need to do things that you really enjoy doing. Such activities do not require effort. They come effortlessly and you do not mind not getting anything in return. You just do them because you enjoy doing them.

  • Make a list of things that make you actually happy

If you are confused lately and unhappy with life, then now is the time to jot down all the things that make you happy. These could be painting, pottery, traveling, dancing or any such hobbies. Once you have made a list, try fulfilling a few of them together with your other routine chores.

This will eventually make you more satisfied in life. It is tough to find a job that really makes you happy. But a smart person is one that learns to balance an important providing job and a fulfilling hobby together.

  • Try to accomplish most of them

If your hobbies or passions are more time-consuming and you cannot balance between career and passion together, then weigh the pros and cons of following your passion. Can you commit some time of your life to fulfill your passion and then get back at your career later?

Is it possible for you to balance them both together? If you could manage to accomplish one of your hobbies or passions in life, it will make your life worth living.

why am i alive


  • Find the reason for your pain and try to come to terms with it

If you are feeling, ‘why am I alive?’, due to a recent unfortunate occurrence in your life, then you need to come to terms with the reason for sadness too. You cannot go on living in a state of total abandonment in life.

The wise thing would be to find the reason for your pain and try to find out things that will make you forget it. Visit a therapist or a counselor to help you get rid of your pain. Know that time heals everything. You need to keep yourself busy and you will eventually find the pain lessened.

  • Help humanity

This is a great way to feel worthy of life. If each one would contribute their bit towards the society and humanity, there will not be so much suffering in the world today. You don’t have to quit your routine life or your career to help humanity.

Even if you take up the responsibility of a homeless child’s food for a year or if you give employment to a needy person, you are helping humanity. Acts like these will make you happy that you are alive.

  • Give more than you get

This is a simple rule of life but a golden fact. All you need to do to be happy is to give more than you get. It does not literally translate to giving $20 to someone if you have earned $10 on that day. But it means spreading more happiness and joy around than what you get.

If your child has made you happy with his academic report card from school today, the least you can do is to go to an orphanage and donate chocolates to those children who have none to pamper them.

This is a beautiful act of giving more than you are getting in life. Believe me, if you indulge in these acts often, you will cease to think, ‘why am I alive’.

  • Set daily life goals

Set small life goals instead of big ones and just focus on accomplishing them. At times, when life gets too complicated or the road ahead is not visible clearly, you should only focus on the smaller steps ahead and on how to overcome the immediate obstacles. The rest will follow eventually.


Acknowledge the fact that your existence is valuable to your family. Try and make it valuable to society in some ways too.

Did this article strike a chord? Have you been having such thoughts lately? Share with us your views on the same by leaving a comment in our comment section. Tell us how you would make your life more meaningful.

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