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Are you finding it tough to let go of someone you love deeply? Do you feel if you forcibly hold onto your loved ones it will make them stay with you? The saddest thing about life is that nothing is permanent. Your partner may suddenly stop loving you and may want to leave you. Forcibly holding on to relationships will only make them tear. But true love finds a way to get connected in the end. If you and your partner are meant to be together forever, they will come back to you.

But if it is true love, then why do they want to go at all? Well, to answer this, relationships are complicated. Sometimes, people need space. They are confused and want some time. You cannot crib, cry, get angry, or take extreme steps if your loved ones want to go away. If you both are destined to stay with each other, you need to let go. Douglas Horton gave a wonderful quote that describes this sentiment. ‘If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it was yours, else it was never meant to be’.

This phrase holds a very deep meaning for all those struggling to keep their relationships alive. Sometimes, love may be one-sided. You may be building castles in the air (which is quite natural) when you think of your love. But they may be just infatuated with you. If your partner ever asks for a time out or wants to leave the relationship, you should be wise enough to let go. This article further explains the consequences of holding relationships in a cage. Read on to know the real meaning of true love.

if you love something let it go



If It Comes Back To You, It Was Yours Forever. If It Doesn’t, It Was Never Meant To Be.

The lovely phrase – if you love someone, let them go, continues with – if they come back to you, they were yours forever else you both were never meant to be together. This is the way the universe functions. You may feel a big loss at that time when you are deeply in love with someone, who wants to go away. But you have to let go. If they realize later that they cannot live without you, they will come back to you. Getting them back again will be sweeter than you can ever imagine. Because this coming back will then be permanent. You will also be sure that you both were meant to be with each other forever.

But if they don’t, you have to understand that it was never meant to be. Holding them forcibly to you will not bring either of you any happiness. Such forced relationships only become a burden later on. True love is all about seeing your beloved happy. Would you be happy seeing your beloved suffering, while you contend that they are next to you? Caging someone will also never bring you happiness and contentment. Life is hardly fair. You may get angry and frustrated. You may wish with all your heart and soul that your beloved love you back the same way. But if it does not happen, you need to let go. You need to remember that someone somewhere is waiting for you. Your present partner is not someone you were destined to be with. Of course, it is tough to understand this at that point in time when your heart is wounded. But time heals everything. Over the years, your love for your partner will turn into a fond memory. You will also feel proud that you let go easily when your partner wanted. You will also feel happy to see your partner happy with someone else.

Whether you get your special someone in this life or not is not guaranteed. But that does not mean that you should forcibly hold on to someone whom you are in love with. Love is at is best only when it is from both sides. One-sided love hardly survives.

 if you love something let it go



Why Is True Love Important And How Is This Phrase Applicable In Our Lives?

True love is important in life. It gives your life meaning and hope. When you are in love with someone, the last thing you want to hear is ‘if you love someone, set them free’. This is because you want to stay with your beloved forever. But sometimes, situations arise that force you both to go different ways. Sometimes, your partner might want to move out to explore other relationships. But forcibly keeping someone by your side on the grounds of duties, obligations or sympathy might even lose your chance of being friends.

What would you prefer? Not talking to your beloved at all after you both broke up in an ugly way or always being friends with your beloved even after your breakup? If your love is true, you should go for the second option. With time, your pain will lessen, but you will be grateful that you always have a friend to talk to and share your joys and sorrows with.

The phrase advises us to let go without creating any hassles as if the love is true, it will definitely come back to you. That is the beauty of this statement. The sheer joy of having your joy coming back to you to say that they cannot live without you is incomparable. It is at this moment, you know that you have been victorious and lucky in love.

So, if life tests your love, you need to let go. Not only to see whether you have chosen the right partner for yourself but also to test the power of your love.

if you love something let it go



Mixed Feelings

When someone you love wants to move out, you get mixed feelings. You first feel anger and hurt. You think of all the possible ways of making that person stay with you. You force that person or remind them of their vows and pledges. But when this doesn’t work, you plead, beg, cry, and threaten to take extreme measures. When nothing works and that person goes away from your life, your ego flares up. You decide not to meet that person or speak to them at all. As time goes by, either the pain lessens or you move on too. And when that person wants to come back to you, you refuse. You have genuinely moved on or your ego wants to teach that person a lesson. In the entire scenario, your life comes across as unhappy, vengeful, and unfair.

But, when someone you love moves out, and you decide to let them go away calmly, you actually do yourself a favor. You do feel anger and hurt, but above all, you care for your beloved’s happiness. You also drop in a call or a visit just to ensure that your beloved is happy or not. When time lessens your pain, you either move on with another partner or get too engrossed in your own work. In this scenario, when your beloved comes back to you, you take them back lovingly or refuse them lovingly. In this scenario, your life comes across as that of forgiveness, true love, and happiness. The bonus you get here is that you make good friends with your beloved.

Relationships are always complicated in life. No two people face the same situations in life. But from everyone’s experience, you get to know it’s best to set someone free when you truly love them. None can decipher what destiny has in store for them. Life is at its best when each moment is lived to its best. So, if you are meant to live with true love in this life, you need to wait and let them come to you. No point clinging on to something or forcibly holding on to something. True love always finds its way.



Destiny and fate play a big role when it comes to love. There are many who live their life with their true love by their side. There are others who compromise to the best of circumstances. But your peace of mind and heart is of utmost importance.

Did you find my article worth a read? Did you help you calm down? If you are currently suffering from the loss of a loved one, this article will encourage you to let them go away from your minds and hearts peacefully and just carry on with your life.

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