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The world is all about relationships. When you get into a relationship you think that it will last forever. But it seldom does! Sometimes you get into irreconcilable differences with someone and the only solution left is to walk away.

Walking away does not mean the end of love. It is possible for two people to be in love with each other but not able to stay together in harmony. Sometimes, one partner falls out of love and the other partner has to walk away.

To walk away from someone you love can be quite disheartening. You may feel your world rip apart into two. You may wish that you could turn back the clock and set everything right again. But life is not that easy. Sometimes, you need to make such tough decisions in life for the sake of your own dignity, your children, or your better future.

Letting go of someone you love is one of the most difficult things in life. But you have to make such decisions when you realize that you cannot make someone fall in love with you forcibly. You may acquire someone by force, but you cannot make them love you.

Sometimes, couples who started off with love, tend to get bitter with each other. You realize that this is not the same person you loved. All that is left of your relationship is frustration, anger, fights, and tears. In such cases, it is better to walk away.

It is better to live and let live when you cannot live together in harmony. It is better for your own good, better for your children and better for your future cordial relationships. But you may still be hurting inside, you may still want your love to change and be the person you fell in love with initially.

how to walk away

Sometimes, relationships get more complicated. Even though both partners love each other, they need to walk away from love to make things pleasant for others. Others could include children, earlier partners, parents, or other responsibilities.

When You Need To Walk Away

Whatever the circumstances, to walk away from someone when you no longer care is not that tough. You always figure out things and get them done as quickly as possible. But to walk away from someone you love takes longer. You need to first get in terms with your own mind and heart.

Then, you need to figure out the division of responsibilities, assets, finances. You need to decide on children’s custody. To figure out all these while you are hurting from inside can be like the worst nightmare. In such cases, it is best to take the help of a friend or a therapist.

When you need to walk away from someone because they have asked you to do so is equally tough. To realize that your partner no longer loves you and wants you to go away can break your heart. The situations can be different for each one of us. But it is everyone’s individual experience.

Everyone’s priorities differ and their ways of tackling their grief differ too. But to sum it all up, if you want to know how to walk away from someone you love, you can get some help from the points mentioned below.

How to walk away from someone you love

Psychological Perspectives

  • Admit and acknowledge the status of your relationship

The first step is to admit and acknowledge the status of your relationship. You might be denying yourself that everything is alright. Sometimes, it takes time for us to admit to ourselves that the relationship is not working. When we have realized that, half of the task is completed.

Think when was the last time your beloved said something nice to you or when was the last time you both went out on a date. When you get into marital life, often couples get so engrossed in their careers and children that they forget to take out time for themselves.

But if you both still love each other, you both do make it a point to spend some time together every day. It could be your morning coffee or it could be an hour in the night before you go off to sleep.

Sometimes, a breakup is evident if you both have been fighting over trivial issues lately and cannot stand the sight of each other.

how to walk away

Think and analyze the status of your relationship and try to reason out whether you both should part ways or go on like this forever.

  • Make the decision

After you have reasoned out and decided that it is best for you to walk away, then you will begin to see things in a new light. Things will become clearer now and you may even start weighing the pros and cons of leaving your partner. You will get thoughts about a life without your beloved and you may also think rationally about how you would get on with your life.

  • Wait until you are calm and composed

But before breaking the bomb on your partner, there is still much thought to give. First of all, you need to calm down. Coming to a decision of walking away from someone you love can be emotionally heartbreaking.

You may take a week or a month to think over it umpteen number of times. Eventually, when after thinking so much, you still feel it is the best decision, you will find yourself much calm and composed to speak up.

  • Think of the reasons why you decided to walk away

This period can be very challenging and you may find yourself going back on your decision many times. But, the best way is to jot down all the reasons why you need to walk away. Keep that paper with you and read it whenever you feel you are weakening.

  • Get the help of a therapist or friend

When confusion takes over, again and again, it is best to take the help of a therapist or a friend. You can confide in your problems and also discuss your confusion and consequences. Sometimes, when the mind is too clouded, a friend or a therapist may help you see things in a new light.

Legal Perspectives

  • Consider all the legal perspectives

Separation, divorce, or a breakup might not be very easy, especially if your partner is too rigid. If you have an inkling that your beloved might not let you go so easily, you can take legal advice.

how to walk away

  • Consider your children’s custody

This is the toughest part of walking away from a relationship. Often mothers get a better deal when it comes to child custody. But if it is you who is walking away, then be prepared that you might have to let go of your children too.

But if things work out amicably, you can get to see your children on weekends. This will at least ensure that your kids are not deprived of love from both parents.

Behavioral Perspectives

  • Speak

When everything is clear in your mind, the final process is to speak. You need to be very calm and composed. You need to be polite too.

  • Reason out but be polite

The final talk may get heated. Your partner may get furious over your decision and might argue. You need to keep in mind to be polite and reason out properly. Let them see clearly why you have taken this decision. Sometimes, if talking does not help, you can leave a letter.

  • Be prepared about the objections

Your partner may completely take you by surprise by showing a lack of understanding. You may get into bitter arguments over legal issues. You need to be prepared about these objections and it is better to have thought it over before you talk to your partner about separating. Your friend or therapist might give you an insight over these possibilities.

  • Walk away and move on with your life

Now that you have walked away from someone you still love, it is time to make a fresh beginning. You need to be positive. You may miss your beloved a lot in the initial moments. At times, you may just want to get back. But do not let such vulnerable moments weaken your resolve.

Get that piece of paper again where you jotted down all the reasons why you decided to walk away. Read them again loud and clear and get on with your new life.

  • Get rid of all the relationship reminders

Reminders can be very heartbreaking. That coffee mug or that lovely picture on your phone, all can make your nostalgic and sad. You may delete them all and discard all the physical belongings that make you remember a bygone era. These reminders will never let you get away from your past life.

  • Learn a new hobby or focus on your career

A good way to walk away from past memories is to indulge yourself in some interesting hobby or activity. You may also choose to get busy with your career.


You may still be in love with someone, but sometimes, walking away is the best solution. If the relationship is not working out, then walking away is the best solution. If you walk away in peace and harmony, you have chances of getting the person back into your life.

You also have the chance of being good friends with that person. It is best to walk away without making it too ugly for everyone’s peace of mind.

Did this article strike an old chord of your life? Did you go through this phase in any of your relationships? Do leave us some valuable advice out of your own experiences in our comment section.

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