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Since time immemorial, man has seen everything change around him. He has evolved along with the changing trends and definitions of relationships. But one thing that has remained constant is ‘friendship’.

The meaning, significance, role, and the definition of a true friend remains unchanged over the years. A true friend is someone who would put his friends first, would always think for the betterment of his friends, and would always be honest.

They are not phony or fake. They are not fair-weathered and neither are they friends of convenience. You can always rely on such friends. But at the time, a true friendship is one in which both friends think for each other the same way. If one of them only plans to use the other for his loyalty, then the friendship is bound to be doomed.

You can be friends with someone for many years, but they don’t need to be your true friends. On the other hand, you can know someone for just a few months and they can prove to be your true friends. True friendship happens when two or more souls connect. It is regardless of the time spent together.

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It is quite possible in life that you are surrounded by friends. But whom you call your true friends may not be so true after all and those whom you regard as a casual acquaintance might be your actual friends. So, if you have been ignoring your true friends for the sake of fake friends, then here is a list of signs that true friends possess.

Once you go through them and analyze which of your friends showcase such character traits, you will be able to identify your true friends from the crowd. Friendship is as beautiful as love. When you have a true friend by your side, you can easily overcome hurdles and enjoy every moment of your life.

Signs Of A True Friend

A True Friend Shows Up

A true friend is always ready to show up and be with you when you need them. They do not come up with excuses. Sometimes, such friends just show up at your door when they feel that something is not right with you.

They don’t care if it is convenient for them or not, but they think about your comfort and need first. You can even call them in the middle of the night, and they will be there for you.

A True Friend Points Outs Your Flaws

A true friend does not shy away from pointing out your flaws. They show you the real picture of what you seem to like to the world. An acquaintance will never want to create any tensions between both of you and hence would never tell you anything directly.

You may think that they are better than your true friends who always point out your flaws. But in reality, your true friends point out your flaws so that you can correct them before an outsider comes and points out to you.

But despite your flaws, they always stand by you. They love you anyway. When cornered by others because of your flaws, they will be the ones to come and stand by your side. But they always tend to correct you when alone. You should treasure having such friends.

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A True Friend Will Go To Any Extent To Help You

A casual acquaintance might just politely refuse when you ask for some help, but a true friend will go out of the way to help you out. They will go to any extent to help you in your times of need. If you are caught up in an emergency, your true friends will try to help you out and sort your problems.

A True Friend Is Not Jealous

Jealousy is a common problem in friendships. But your best friend is someone who will never be jealous of your achievements. They will always be genuinely happy for you. Even if they could not achieve their goals, they will be happy for you and rejoice with you.

A True Friend Is Someone With Whom You Have Had Your Best Laughs

Whether it is cracking up on silly things or playing pranks together, we all have our memories of rolling on the floor laughing with our friends. True friends not only laugh with you, but they also laugh at you (in a fun way). Such moments are priceless and if you have a silly friend who makes you laugh all the time, then you need to cherish them forever.

A True Friend Helps You Stay Humble

We all have our moments when we tend to get carried away with our expenses. But a real friend will help you stay grounded. They will often scold you for spending too much. They always think about the best for you. They may even pressurize you to treat them, but all in a fun way. When you flying high in the air, it is a true friend who brings you back to the ground.

A True Friend Never Makes You Feel Small

A true friend will always make you feel welcome and would be genuinely delighted to have you. If you get surrounded by people who think lowly of you because of your looks, body, or finances, a true friend would ensure that you feel comfortable. There was once an incident in which a true friend shaved off his head to give comfort to his bald friend fighting cancer. Seeing his friend with a bald head, the cancer-stricken friend did not feel embarrassed anymore.

A True Friend Keeps Your Friendship A Top Priority

A friend who hardly ever has time to meet you or talk to you is not a true friend. In true friendship, there is a need to meet each other often, share and discuss their life’s happenings. There is no scope of excuses on either side. Such friendships come naturally and there is no burden on both sides to have to spend time with each other. Simultaneously, there is no formality either. If you do not feel like going out for a movie, you can expect your true friend to come home and spend the time with you. Such friendships are getting rarer in today’s world and if you have such friends, then you should know that they are priceless.

True Friends Stay

True friends do not walk away when someone better comes along. They stick around and might include the other person in your gang, but will never leave you for someone else.

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How To Tell If Someone Is Your True Friend?

If you are caught up in a situation where you feel your friend is not true anymore, then you need to distance yourself soon. Toxic relationships often poison your life and your thoughts faster than you realize. If you are stuck in a toxic friendship, you may need a lot of time and introspection to realize the truth.

Firstly, you should think somewhere alone whether your true friend displays all the character traits mentioned above. Some points may not apply. For example, if your friend lives overseas, you cannot expect them to come to visit you.

But once they know about your problem, they will call or text you more frequently, take out time to have a long conversation with you, and even go to the extent of sending you a sweet gift to make you smile. Sometimes, you just know whether your friendship is true or not.

Some other times, when you are confused, it is best to confront your friend. You can discuss the problems or the instances you felt that your friend hurt you. If you find a genuine apology, then you need to forget it. It is not that true friends do not fight. But they make up quickly too. Once the sorries have been said and done, they get back to normal.

If you still feel that something is not right in your friendship and your friend keeps manipulating you, then you need to distance yourself until things get sorted out. Sometimes, only when you take a break or move away, you can see things in a clear light. You might also realize that you have been overreacting to unnecessary things.


Best friends either have common interests, equality, common opinions, or a common history. But some true friends have nothing in common too. It is like opposites attracting. When it comes to love and friendship, there is a very thin line of difference between both the feelings.

Love often is accompanied by lust. Friendships are pure. Your beloved can be your true friend too. Such bonds are unbreakable and beautiful. You need not be in constant contact with a true friend. Situations, life’s demands and circumstances and make you live in separate directions across the globe.

When you have a true friendship, if you can connect again in an instant and talk as if you had never been apart.

True friendship can be with more than one person. Your parents, siblings, or spouse too can be your true friends. If you have true friends in life, you are some of the lucky few. True friends make life worth living and make each day joyful. You never feel lonely in life when you have true friends.

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